Christian's genealogical site

I work on family history since 1979 investigating my ancestors from the former Eastern Parts of Germany, as well as from Schleswig-Holstein and Denmark, and from Westphalia and Waldeck. Additionally I collect all namesakes "Loefke" (including similar names). My main fields of research are:

1) The investigation of all families from Wiedenbrück - as well as some rural families of the former "Amt Reckenberg" - from the Middle Ages up to ca. 1850. At the moment I concentrate on the 16th and 17th century;
2) the edition of still unpublished sources about Wiedenbrück and the "Amt Reckenberg".

As my ancestors are from different counties the list is devided regionally into a list of my father's ancestors, my maternal grandfather's ancestors and my maternal grandmother's ancestors. It would be very appreciate to mention the sources used to create the lists, but, unfortunately, this would inflate the size of the documents. So I added only places and years to each person in the list.
If someone finds anything of interrest for her/him please contact me: